The man who knows nothing of music, literature, or art is no better than a beast

   Namaste and Sita Ram

                                                    Hindu iconology can be defined as how Hindus transpire their form of worship into various forms and this stems from India which is reflected as the birth place of Hinduism. How does Hindu iconology then impact on Trinidad from the 1950s to present day? It does this through the Hindu community who embrace Hinduism and reflect it through their daily lives. In recent years, the Hindus of Trinidad have added their own twist to the iconology of Hinduism in the ways they construct their Murtis, the design of the jewellery and the use of Jhandis. This adaptation by the Trinidadian Hindu municipal is looked at as a means of progress to the development of Hindu Iconology.

                                                   Hinduism in Trinidad and Tobago is essentially is a very proud religion and is expressed this way through its art forms and can be found in every facet of Hindu life. Hindu art is so intimately associated with Hindu religion and philosophy that it becomes difficult to appreciate fully unless one has prior knowledge of the ideals governed by the Hindu mind and this blog tries to provide that prior knowledge along with current media.

Hindu Om Symbol

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