The man who knows nothing of music, literature, or art is no better than a beast


                                           This blog is intended to illustrate to the general public as well as the academic community the impact Hindu iconology has had on the Trinidad community.It  hopes to explore the way the impact of Hindu Iconology in Trinidad during the period of 1950 to present day. It theorizes that the Hindu community in Trinidad interpret their Hindu iconology in a certain manner and this then affords them ability to interpret it into their everyday lives. As Hindus in Trinidad are very proud of their religion it tends to show how the symbolism of these iconologies plays a major role in their lives. The key words used in this study are Hindu, Deity and Pooja. As a Hindu myself, I chose to explore this topic as it would not only enlighten me into the content of my religion I was never exposed to, but also allow me to develop a deeper appreciation for my culture.


Name :Riad Hassan Ali

University of the West Indies.


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